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Art for Haiti Relief

The earthquake that shook Haiti left much tragedy in its wake, as well as many asking what can they do to help.

After much thought, I began to draw.

Many were donating money, but there are many others--myself included--that can only afford to give of their time and their creativity. I saw how the Haiti relief efforts began to unite people from various countries in a singular task, first to rescue, then to give medical care, food, and water to survivors...and my own project began to take form.

Together, we will complete the sketch I began. I invite you to suggest something to appear in the picture--a plant, animal, other object, mythic or historic figure. The image we create will become a painting, which will then be sold at auction and the proceeds (minus shipping and administrative costs) will be donated to Haiti relief.

If all you can do is spread the word, please do so! I will post weekly scans and photographs as the sketches--and the painting--comes together.

And as a bonus, those who donate will receive an ACEO sized (2.5"x3.5", about the size of a playing card) print of the painting.

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Tags: 2010, art as dialogue, crowdfunding, cyberfunded creativity, haiti, in progress
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