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In Progress: Art for Haiti Relief

This is the first of (probably) many sketches of the painting I initially talked about here.

I've collected many ideas, and I appreciate them all. I plan on integrating many, if not all, of them. Please, suggest more! I still invite you to suggest something to appear in the picture--a plant, animal, other object, mythic or historic figure. The image we create will become a painting, which will then be sold at auction and the proceeds (minus shipping and administrative costs) will be donated to Haiti relief.

As you can see, I've only reworked the composition in the sketch in the previous post. The pregnant belly will become a globe, with the general area where Haiti is (between North and South America) facing us (the viewer). In case you cannot see it, the place where the coconuts usually are is a stylized human heart.

There are many other elements I have yet to integrate; I'm excited about where this piece might go! Right now, it has a tentative, emerging, incomplete energy to it. Thank you to all who suggested images thus far, and to ysabetwordsmith for her donation!

If you can, make a donation to help me complete this work. If all you can do is spread the word, please do so! I will post scans and photographs as the sketches--and the painting--comes together.

And as a bonus, those who donate will receive an ACEO sized (2.5"x3.5", about the size of a playing card) print of the painting.

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Tags: 2010, art as dialogue, crowdfunding, cyberfunded creativity, haiti, in progress
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